Hail Sheffield says Cesar

diveNW''Brazil's top diver Cesar Castro at Ponds forge
diveNW''Brazil's top diver Cesar Castro at Ponds forge
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SHIVERING Sheffield is hardly Brrrr-azil.

But the South American country’s top Olympic diver, Cesar Castro, loves our city.

Cesar is in Sheffield after a recommendation from the Brazilian Olympic Committee and he’s pretty impressed.

He said: “The facilities in Sheffield are absolutely perfect, we have everything we need to dive here and more.

“Ponds Forge has the latest camera technology we need to train. I hope to come back to here again to train before the Olympics in 2012. I am happy to raise awareness of diving here in Sheffield, because as in Brazil it doesn’t have the high profile football does.”

Cesar met young people from Activity Sheffield’s diving squad to inspire them.

Coun Gail Smith, Sheffield Council Cabinet Advisor for Culture, Sport and Tourism, said: “Brazil is without doubt one of the most colourful and exciting nations in the world.

“This really is a life changing experience for many of the youngsters who we see as the future of British diving.

“The children have got a glimpse of life as an Olympian and what motivates Cesar.”