Guarantee goes out of window

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TEN-year guarantees are a big selling point in the window business – but will the company even last that long?

Donald and Coleen Rawlins found out the hard way that once a firm goes under its promises go up in smoke.

The couple spent more than £3,000 on glazing from Welcome Windows Ltd of Wombwell, Barnsley, which came with a decade-long guarantee that included repair work.

But it went into liquidation in 2011.

The name was taken on by a new company, Conservatory Kingdom Ltd trading as Welcome Windows. The Rawlins bought two windows from them this summer.

But when a problem emerged with an older window they discovered that apart from the name there was no connection between the companies and their old guarantee was void.


ADAM Claydon, of the new Welcome Windows, said that while there was no obligation they would send someone round to have a look and they would consider a minor repair as a goodwill gesture.

He said: “Mr and Mrs Rawlins purchased their windows originally from Welcome Windows Ltd. Unfortunately their guarantee was with this company and cannot be honoured by ourselves. They did purchase two windows from us (Conservatory Kingdom Ltd trading as Welcome Windows) which were installed this year. Should anything go wrong with them we will rectify any problems covered by our guarantee.”