Groundwork is all in place

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MED Hughes leaves South Yorkshire Police, where he has been Chief Constable for seven years, in difficult times with government budget cuts already blamed for a rise in crime.

But it is clear that his individual approach to modern day policing has left the force in a strong and resilient position to face those challenges.

He arrived at the helm determined to do what was necessary rather than what was popular and, though his changes will have ruffled some feathers, the results speak for themselves.

South Yorkshire people enjoy a relatively peaceful life with a robust police force able to respond to all major incidents. And Med Hughes has shown that he is alert to public feeling, acknowledging that he knows unruly teenagers are a prime concern for the public and, therefore, for the force too.

Normally in these situations it is traditional to suggest that the Chief Constable’s successor has a hard act to follow. But on this occasion, it seems that the groundwork is in place for a smooth succession.

We are sure that Hughes is right and that the public will continue to live peaceful lives and need not notice the change at the top.

Delighted to sing the praise of Dom

CONGRATULATIONS to Dom Adams who has completed a gruelling challenge to become the only member of the scout movement in South Yorkshire to win its top honour this year.

After overcoming a series of tasks, he has successfully earned the Queen’s Scout Award and will be rewarded during a visit to Windsor Castle for an unforgettable St George’s Day parade and celebration.

In an age when young people are too easily branded as trouble causers and accused of wasting their time, Dom is a great sign that this is not true.

The minority grab the headlines with their outrageous behaviour but we are delighted to help sing Dom’s priases.

Enterprise is well

SHEFFIELD Hallam University students have shown that the enterprising nature of Sheffield’s business community is in safe and imaginative hands. For the university’s Enterprise Challenge event has turned up a host of promising and interesting projects which students have been nurturing as part of their course work. Good ideas are the backbone of what has always kept Sheffield in the industrial spotlight and the efforts of Hallam students is a welcome sign that this spirit is alive and well.