Grieving mum’s warning as son dies van ‘surfing’

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A GRIEVING mum has warned teenagers against ‘surfing’ on motor vehicles after her son was killed when he fell off the back of a van driven by his older brother.

Scott Blackburn died within minutes from a skull injury after falling from the vehicle and hitting his head on the road. His distraught brother Damien, then 18, had no idea the 15-year-old was hitching a ride on the rear bumper.

After yesterday’s inquest into Scott’s death 21 months ago, his mum Andrea, 42, a school dinner lady, said she does not blame Damien, now 20.

“I would say to any other teenagers not to do this sort of thing, definitely not,” she said. “Scott was just a big joker who lived life. That was the daring type of child he was.”

The inquest heard Damien drove their father’s works van off the drive of their house in Welfare Road, Woodlands, Doncaster, to turn it around.

He said he was unaware that Scott, who weighed 20 stone, had climbed onto the bumper and was spread-eagled across the rear doors.

Damien said: “The van had some weight in it from dad’s tools so I didn’t feel anybody climbing on.

“I was in first gear, I wasn’t going fast. I didn’t see him until I saw he was lying in the road.

“I thought he was messing about until I saw all the blood. I never saw him in the mirrors.”

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Coroner Nicola Mundy said: “It is my view he lost his grip and couldn’t hold on any longer and fell to the ground and sustained a head injury.”