Green shoots of confidence

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THE Government’s HomeBuy scheme, which helps people get on the property ladder through a shared ownership arrangement, is changing lives in South Yorkshire, For applications to the project have doubled in recent months.

This is not only tremendous news for those now buying their homes, many of them first-time buyers, but also for the local economy in general.

For new homeowners are a key factor in boosting both services and purchases and encouraging economic growth. What is more, this shows confidence is returning to the housing market, if only in a small and assisted manner.

Owing to the credit crunch-fuelled recession and, latterly, government cutbacks causing people to think long and hard about any financial commitments, people have understandably been nervous when it comes to money matters.

But we are delighted that these first new shoots of confidence in the housing market are being seen and congratulate those who have worked hard to bring about this change.

Doing our senior citizens proud

IT is good news indeed that Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been praised by a team of inspectors involved in the Dignity and Nutrition for Older People review.

The trust was one of the first in the country to undergo the inspection, ordered by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to ensure high standards in the care for elderly people being looked after within the health service.

And inspectors rated services within Sheffield as being at the forefront of quality care adding that the trust was setting an excellent example.

This is an important operation which will be welcomed by both the patients themselves and their relatives, for those involved are among the most vulnerable within the health service and their care needs to be of the highest standard passible.

The report showed there was some room for improvement in a few areas but the overall view is that the city is doing its senior citizens proud.

Stupid hindrance

WE appeal to any readers who may have information about thieves who have been scaling live electricity pylons to steal metal.

Not only are they risking their lives through this stupid enterprise, they are also bringing great inconvenience and unnecessary costs to our communities.

This practice has been highlighted following a week-long crackdown by police in South Yorkshire who stopped vehicles on the county’s roads in an attempt to identify some of those involved in the offences.

This is stupid and a hindrance and we hope it is halted before someone dies.