Green buses to drive down pollution in Sheffield

city centre buses
city centre buses
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Sheffield commuters will soon have the chance to catch greener busses, which give off up to 90 per cent less harmful emissions than usual.

More than 120 buses across Yorkshire will be fitted with the technology after successful bids for £1,965,500 of funding was announced yesterday.

The Clean Bus Technology Fund 2015 is being awarded to fit buses with technology to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in pollution hotspots.

It is understood that 25 buses will be fitted with the green technology in Sheffield.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “Greener buses mean a cleaner town and city centres for Yorkshire and a healthier environment for everyone.

“The 121 upgraded buses that will soon hit the roads in Yorkshire continue our commitment to better air quality by investing in greener transport.

“By targeting pollution hotspots and backing the low-emission technology of the future, we are making the right long-term decisions to improve people’s lives.”

The buses will be fitted with exhaust gas treatment systems called selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and will be back on the roads after their upgrade.

As part of the award, councils must continue to monitor the schemes and provide evidence of their effectiveness.

This new fund, worth around £7million, adds to the £20 million invested by the government in retrofit schemes and is in addition to significant match funding by local authorities and support from bus operators to improve air quality since 2011.

This has ensured over 2,000 buses have already been upgraded across England to cut emissions.