Great X-ray department team

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A huge thank you to Fran and Clare in the X-ray dept at the Northern General. Also to Mark who is in the X-ray call centre at the Hallamshire. They are a credit to our two wonderful hospitals.

I had to go to the Northern General for a 2.50pm appointment. I got there at 2.40 and left at 3pm. Just 20 minutes from start to finish, including several X-rays. The service was nothing less than brilliant. Some find time to moan groan and complain about service today, but all too sadly never find time to give credit where it is due.

People often say the world is in a dreadful state. My answer is that we have a wonderful world, it is a minority who spoil it. People like Mark, Fran and Clare bring sunshine into our lives.

Mrs Barbara Fee, S2

Our borders need tightening

so David Cameron is to set a test for foreign nationals on British history and if they pass they would be issued with a British passport, allowing them to stay in Britain. Why?

I thought the whole idea was to cut back on immigration. Doesn’t he think there are enough people entitled to a British passport without allowing more foreigners to get hold of them?

Why do they need a British passport if they already have one of their own country, which allows them to visit but doesn’t give them the right to stay?

Already people are getting into this country by dubious means such as fraudulent documents and student visas when there are no colleges or schools.

Our borders need tightening up not slackening

David Mitchell