Great way to cut fuel bills

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AS fuel bills take on ever-more intimidating sizes it is always interesting to learn of measures that are being taken to harness the power of nature to offset our reliance on the power companies.

And a great example of this is to be found on the outskirts of our county, where a former 18th century mill has been turned into one of the nation’s most eco-friendly office buildings.

It captures sun, wind and water power, not only to generate enough power to keep the property lit and heated but it also produces a surplus which can be piped into the national grid.

This is a sign of the direction we ought to be heading as we look for ways to lower our energy consumption in a radically changing world.

And we’re sure the developers will be heartened when sporting hero Gary Neville, the former Manchester United captain-turned TV pundit, has agreed to attend the unveiling of this project.

Volunteer Freda is remarkable

FREDA Dunk is a remarkable woman. Forty years ago she began her career as a volunteer with St Luke’s Hospice which had just opened. And now, as the hospice celebrates its 40th anniversary, Freda can proudly boast that she is still there, doing her bit.

Over the years she has made cups of tea, arranged flowers, helped out at summer fairs and in charity shops. She has even welcomed royalty, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited the city.

But we know that Freda, like all in the army of volunteers who keep the city’s good causes ticking over, she has sought no reward or celebrity - only the knowledge that her work is done to help people in need.

A remarkable woman indeed.

Everyone a winner

THERE is no rest for musicians Chris Coates and Rob Bellis who are competing in the Great Yorkshire Run this weekend, for they will be performing with their band in the Peace Gardens as soon as they cross the finish line.

And we are sure that other competitors and spectators will appreciate the entertainment which will be a feature of what should be a grand day.

The race has already attracted around 8,000 runners who will not only help confirm Sheffield’s reputation as a city of good sports but will also bring in much needed money for charity.

For many runners will be sponsored for good causes as they pound their way round the route. And that’s why we know everyone will be a winner.