Great to get a second chance

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THE prospect of an Ikea home furnishing store being set up in Sheffield will please the majority of city folk... and not just because they are house proud.

For people appreciate that Sheffield’s claim to stand shoulder to shoulder with other cities in our region can sound a hollow boast when we look around and see a shortage of flagship stores in our High Street.

And there is also the question of jobs which will be created by the presence of a large retailer such as Ikea. This would be a good move for the local economy bringing direct employment under the Ikea brand and also in other outlets which can be expected to play follow the leader and move into a city which is seen to be going places.

The loss of a chance for an Ikea store in Sheffield several years ago was an unwelcome blow which left many wondering why we had failed to seize the chance to bring a flagship retailer to the city. It is encouraging to know that we may have a second chance.

Cuppa leads to friendlier areas

IN our fast-moving world the idea of getting people to spend some time and have a chat may seem like pie in the sky. In fact, it is happening... over a slice of pie in the Sheffield suburb of Sharrow.

For a local group have decided people need to spend more time enjoying the simple pleasure of conversations and are tempting them to put aside the pressures of their life for a few minutes over a cup of tea and a pie.

That will help them build new friendships, create community cohesion and lead to people feeling safer in their areas where they feel they live alongside neighbours rather than strangers.

It all sounds too good - and too simple - to be true. But the experiment, in a converted shop in Sharrow, is actually going quite well. People are making time to pop in for a slice of pie and a cuppa and there are genuine hopes that Sharrow will become a friendlier, happier place as a result.

We are sure readers will wish the project well - and look forward to one of these pie shops opening just down the road from them.

Skating to glory

KIDS get a bad press these days. But we are always delighted to bring you news of the dedication of the younger generation which can so often be overlooked. One such instance of hard work and ambition is to be found at iceSheffield where a group of young skaters have spent hours at an ungodly time of day perfecting their skills on the ice. They have returned from Paris with a clutch of awards from the OMS Club Championships, the result of pure dedication and dozens of early starts at the ice centre and we know readers will join us in congratulating the youngsters.