Graves has to stay in picture

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Bequeathed to the city by Alderman JG Graves the building needs to be repaired and then upgraded if it is to have a long-term future.

What Museums Sheffield and the City Council should be about now is seriously focusing on how that can be made to happen.

Cynics may say the threatened closure was never seriously considered and that the whole thing was a political smokescreen to smooth through other cuts and closures.

But survival of buildings like the Graves Gallery should not be left to lottery-funded chance or political whim, they are the architectural and cultural backbone of this city.

Sheffield needs the Graves Gallery.

Ways must be found to secure it for future generations.

Life-changing food for thought

AT 14 stone Becky Damms felt overweight and lacking in confidence.

Now her life is back on track after her mum spotted an advert in The Star.

After losing more than three stones in weight the 22-year-old delivery driver from Ecclesfield, Sheffield, has been described as the “perfect cover girl” for a life-changing motivational course run by Doncaster-based coach Karen Foy.

Becky is proof positive that successful weight loss is in the mind as much as anything and that taking control of what you eat will have better results than any fad diets.

For Becky, the programme was crucial in helping her think more deeply about her relationship with food and what her body actually needed.

It was also crucial in boosting her self-esteem and getting her back onto the football pitch and a sport she loves.

Maybe some of the underachieving players from our struggling city clubs could benefit from Karen’s motivational skills.

Eastern promise

VISITS to China by prominent figures from Sheffield business and industry could bring a welcome boost to our economy. They could also hold a lesson for all of us.

There are people in Sheffield who think of China as a backward country and treat its people with a lack of respect.

We cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that by 2050 China is predicted to become the world’s largest economy.

The pace of change, development and innovation there is something we can only watch with envy. It is we who are lagging behind. Our best chance is to forge mutually beneficial links with China. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.