Grass cutting is rubbish say upset tenants

Mick andf Linda Daniels show grass cuttings left on the road at Tideswell Rd

Mick andf Linda Daniels show grass cuttings left on the road at Tideswell Rd

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ANGRY residents have challenged Sheffield Council to ensure workers do a ‘proper job’ when it comes to cutting the verges of their estate.

People living in the Brushes area of Firth Park are annoyed workmen are not picking up litter before mowing the grass.

As a result, crisp packets and other items are shredded into the ground.

Linda Daniels, of Brushes Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, and whose husband Mick is group chairman, has complained.

Linda said: “I am really annoyed by this.

“When the workmen come along, they are not picking up the rubbish and litter and are just mowing over it so a shredded mess of bits of plastic ends up ground into the verge.

“The workers should go out litter picking first - it’s common sense, but they just don’t bother.”

Linda said her husband Mick contacted Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, waste management and streetscene.

She added: “The situation is not on because we pay our council taxes and do not expect our estate to be left a mess like this.

“The council needs to make sure its workers are doing the job properly.”

The council has passed Linda and Mick’s complaint to contractor Amey.

Responsibility for cutting verges has been transferred to the Spanish company as part of the £2 billion Streets Ahead contract to repair and manage all 1,200 miles of Sheffield’s roads.

Grass cutting staff, formerly part of the council, have been moved to the firm.

Coun Scott said: “We are taking the matter seriously and workers should be picking up litter before mowing the grass.

“I am arranging to go for a walkabout in the area with Amey stewards, Mr and Mrs Daniels and local councillors.”

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