‘Graffiti art’ scribble is out of this world

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I read The Star, dated Tuesday, December 29, 2015, with a certain amount of astonishment.

I refer in particular to the article entitled ‘Artist’s invading aliens are out of this world’

It now appears that we have to refer to vandals who scribble and daub paint onto other peoples property as ‘street artists’ and laud their work as though it has some artistic merit.

This article, unless I have mis-read it appears to do just that.

There is a brief reference to the fact that some of this so-called artist’s work is ‘not strictly legal’ but other than that it appears to be covering him with praise.

Graffiti/street art, or to give it it’s correct name, criminal damage costs property owners and the Sheffield City Council thousands of pounds a year to clean up.

Most of it, as I have said earlier, is mindless scribble and juvenile cartoonish pictures which by and large are an eyesore.

They are painted using materials which soak into the stonework or are difficult and expensive to remove.

To suggest that some of the graffiti is on derelict property may be true but on occasions this property is either unoccupied or is later renovated and again the cost of removing this mess can run into many thousands.

Finally, the so-called artist ‘Sill’ suggests that the population of Sheffield ‘embrace’ his work!

Do they? None of the people I have spoken to appear to have that point of view, the only people who seems to tolerate his juvenile vandalism are other like-minded ‘street artists’.

I should add that I am just a council tax-paying resident of Sheffield.

I begrudge not one penny if it benefits the community as a whole, but find it ‘offensive’ that money that I pay into the system is used to clean up after this person and his friends.

Phil Howling