Gordon Brown meets former colleague David Blunkett in Shirecliffe

David Blunkett
David Blunkett
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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is visiting Sheffield today to meet with former cabinet colleague David Blunkett.

Mr Brown will call at the city as part of the Labour election campaign ahead of the General Election next month.

Mr Blunkett said: “Last time Gordon was in Sheffield it was for my wedding.

“I’m so pleased that on the first day he has spent campaigning outside of Scotland he is lending his voice to the need for Yorkshire voters to give Labour a clear mandate to represent the interests of families, communities, and the wider Yorkshire area in a Labour led Government from May 8.”

Mr Brown will visit a housing project at Shirecliffe in the Brightside and Hillsborough constituency at 3pm today and will meet new home owner Harry Harpham who is Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the area.

He will also be involved in a Q&A, alongside Mr Blunkett, with 40 secondary school students at Parkwood Academy and will give a speech to an audience of local people.

He will then visit a cooperative in the south of the city which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.