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In the case of single punch killer jailed it is hard to comprehend the damage that man has caused over the years.

His defence says he has to live with it.

Didn’t he have to live with the assault in April 2014 when he knocked a man unconscious and then kicking him whilst he was down.

He took another man’s life and he should have forfeited his own worthless life, he took a child’s father, that should have sent him down for longer.

The judge says while you believed he would not die, how could the judge justifiably state that, he was only guessing?

He also stated, although you did not appreciate what you had done it underlines the severity of what you did.

Again how does the judge know this, because he said so?

Have we not learned enough of what the man is capable of and can any one sue the judge if he does it again?

How can they justify knocking two years off his sentence because he pleaded guilty?

How could he plead anything else the idiots?

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