Gone to the dogs with no sign of getting better

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The decision to cut nearly 250 jobs at the Department of Work and Pensions in Sheffield, means not only cuts now but a loss of job opportunities for the future. Once these jobs have gone, they are gone forever.

These will be reasonably well-paid jobs, allowing people to afford a mortgage and bring up a family. Not to worry, because the Government tells us the private sector will produce jobs to make up for those lost.

Will that be like the casual posts being created in the city? I am not sure if casual means parttime or zero hours, but I suggest such salaries will not be enough to pay a mortgage or raise a family on. With the rise in bus fares due, thanks to the Government cutting subsidies to the Transport Executives, those “casual” salaries might hardly be enough to make it viable for some people to take low-paid work.

Part time jobs are fine for those who just want to supplement a partner’s income, or if it’s an older person just wanting a little spending money, but they are not the sort of jobs that will allow people to buy a home or bring up a family. We have become a nation of low-paid workers, partly through intense immigration, where the richer people seem to expect the lower paid to work at three or four part time jobs to earn a living. This country has gone to the dogs, and I cannot see any sign that it will get better.

S. Collins