Going black to their roots - celebs are faking dark roots as the latest anti-ageing treatment

Are Madonna's dark roots real, or anti-ageing fakes?
Are Madonna's dark roots real, or anti-ageing fakes?
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You’ve spent all your adult life hating that ugly, dark line which seeps muddily from your centre-parting just weeks after getting your highlights done.

Not only is it a telltale sign you’re faking it, you hate it because you think it makes you look cheap; like you either can’t afford to get your colour re-done, or you’re a slattern who just can’t be bothered.

Well, don’t bemoan your regrowth roots any longer; rejoice. Women older (and richer, and stupider) than you are spending good money on having dark roots painted in.

Nope, I’m not having a blonde moment. In Hollywood, it’s the latest anti-ageing trick beloved by female celebs who are going grey. They pay to have a couple of centimetres of fake, “youthful” dark regrowth.

Whatever next; fake acne?