Go straight to cemetery. Do not collect £200

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How much more despicable can this government get?

Not content with bleeding the working classes dry, at the autumn statement they are now bringing forward a decade earlier than planned, the retirement age to 68 for people in their 40s, 69 for 30-somethings and then 70 for the younger still. What then, 75 maybe 80 and beyond?

A lot of people in physically demanding jobs, including professionals such as the NHS staff, Fire Service etc. may well not be fit enough to carry on their work at that age and so will have to go off sick.

Some will lose their jobs because their bodies can no longer cope with the workload. Some, sad to say may actually die at work, and most of those who do reach pensionable age will not live long enough to enjoy their retirement, which of course is what this “caring” government wants.

It will deprive people of their hard-earned pensions by fair means or foul, and it doesn’t get much fouler than this.

The present coalition government has no shame and no conscience.

They could possibly adopt a new slogan for the next election, based on the Monopoly game.

Join the Con/Dems.

Go straight to the cemetery. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.

P Taylor