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legislation was introduced to bring social/council housing up to acceptable standards.

Government money was poured into this project and is still being invested in decent homes.

This money came in the form of grants and did not cost the council/Sheffield Homes anything.

So, why are the council/Sheffield Homes raking this money back in rent increases?

Letters sent out state “tenants who have had their homes improved under the Decent Homes initiative may incur a rent increase as a consequence”.

It is a tenant’s right to have a decent home from the start of a tenancy to the end.

Some of the older houses have had rent paid on them for many years, some over 60 years.

If the cost of maintaining these homes is high, then maybe Sheffield Homes should be looking at bad tenants and also the high cost of repairs, such as paying out £50 plus for a light switch or well over £70 for a toilet seat.

Maybe it is time to revert to council ownership and reinstate the Sheffield Works Department.

They should also make sure that maintainance is done on a regular basis and make bad tenants pay for damage they themselves have caused.

Stop fraud, demand arrears are paid faster.

Anthony Rodgers, Shirecliffe Road, Sheffield S5