Give women more choice

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WHETHER you breastfeed or not is a matter of personal choice. There are proven health benefits to it and the medical profession strongly encourages it.

Those who choose clearly have no problem doing it in the privacy of their own home.

But once in the public, the climate seems to turn against them. They become uncomfortable as people stare at them. Some members of the public have even been known to approach breastfeeding mums and ask them to stop as it embarrasses them.

There are not enough shops, restaurants or public spaces where feeding mums are made welcome or encouraged.

Which is why, at the launch of Breastfeeding Awareness Week, doctors and councillors are trying to make the practice more socially acceptable by encouraging mums to breastfeed in public and to persuade more outlets to become adopted places and welcome new mothers.

Choice is about having the freedom to choose and we welcome moves to make breastfeeding more accessible.

Time to cheer on our star athletes

AS we waved farewell to the Olympic torch, our thoughts turned immediately to the athletes.

It’s their efforts which will light up the London games so it’s important to show our support.

Today Sheffield gives a send-off to homegrown talent due to compete in a string of events.

Golden girl Jessica Ennis will join swimmer Ellie Faulkner and volleyball player Rachel Layborn in the Peace Gardens.

This is our chance to let these athletes know that their city supports them.They have devoted thousands of hours to training and if they win a medal, their glory will be shared by Sheffield.

So let’s get behind these excellent ambassadors for our city, show our pride in them and cheer them on.

Humbled by Ben

YESTERDAY amidst all the noise and cacophony surrounding the Olympic Torch, one man brought everyone to a realisation about what embodies the Olympic spirit.

He is not an athlete and never will be. But he did sacrifice himself for his country and as a result will never be the same.

Ben Parkinson is the embodiment of the word hero.

We were humbled to see him achieve his own personal ambition today.