Give us grit bins not wardens

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Why all this publicity about snow wardens or the lack of them, something the last city council brought in?

This ludicrous idea was to try and convince us that they were doing something.

We are told that last year there were 102 people that put their names forwards to be snow wardens.

This is for the whole city. Wow!

There must be hundreds or even thousands of people all over the city that just get on and clear the snow from the front of their and their neighbour’s houses.

People have been doing this for years.

They don’t need training or to be issued with shovels and hi-vis jackets.

But what we do need are more grit bins to enable us to do this effectively.

So come on you councillors: more bins not wardens.

Mick Gethin, Westbury Avenue, Chapeltown


Just read Retro. In this fab supplement I see Neepsend terrace houses flanked by a huge gasometer.

Nothing unusual about that: we were brought up with such thing. But today, the reaction would be: ‘You can’t put that thing there’ or ‘We don’t want houses built there’ etc.

When we were kids we took things like gasometers for granted. They were our play grounds.

Oh, I’d forgotten: kids don’t play today. They destroy.

Name and address supplied

Dog seat belts

Every year in Sheffield, dogs are killed or seriously injured in car accidents because they’re not wearing dog seat belts.

For years many people have believed it is perfectly acceptable to have dogs moving freely within in a vehicle while it’s on the move.

If a vehicle with unrestrained dogs is then involved in an accident the animals can be thrown through the windscreen causing death and serious injuries to the animals, drivers and even other road users who are then caught up in the collision.

You wouldn’t let your child get away by not fastening their seatbelts so please make sure your dogs are safe and are buckled in with purpose-built dog seatbelts.

Will Wright, Four Paws