Give up luxuries to pay for bedroom tax

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I’m really annoyed that people expect us hardworking taxpayers to bail them out as they can’t pay the new bedroom tax.

I’d love to assess how many luxuries these people have – mobile phones contracts, car on drive, branded clothing on theirs backs, computer consoles, media contracts, flat screen TVs etc.

I own my own home and after a recent divorce pay all my own bills on one wage. After reassessing my finances my luxuries were either cancelled or sold so I could keep my home and feed myself. It’s called budgeting.

I lived in a council property growing up and my dad managed to bring four young children up on benefits after my mum left. He couldn’t work, had no savings to fall back on but we always had food on the table and a roof over our heads. Thanks to my dad’s budgeting skills I was able to apply them in my own life.