Give the clown his marching orders

city centre buses
city centre buses
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In reply to Lorraine Rickets and Ted Fowler, yes, I too think the bus service is diabolical. The clown who did not think it through about the changes should go where the other clowns are, Parliament.

I too have to take a young woman in a wheelchair to the Northern General Hospital. Why change the bus numbers, why not leave things alone and put extra buses on for other areas? The buses are terrible to start with, never on time. Who is running the service, the drivers? They want to think themselves lucky they’ve got a job.

Two to three buses following each other are not necessary. Make the timetables every 20 minutes. Why cause all this upset for us, the public and the disabled?

I say those who work should catch a bus, those who don’t, boycott the bus service for a week or two and let the bus company lose money until this is put right.

All I can say is, taxis will make their money until they make a mess of things when they too will put their prices up.

The public always loses out. Listen to us and take heed of what we say.

Give the clown his marching orders with no payout for being an idiot. You have not thought it through, go back to the drawing board and let us all go back to normal. All this upset is just making us all miserable.

Leave the bus passes alone as well. Make it easy like before and have somewhere in town or local shopping centres to change bus passes when needed. “Go online”, not everyone, like myself, has the internet. Also, stop putting people on hold when they telephone. It costs unnecessary money phoning up. Stop all this infuriating nonsense.

You will be doing what London bus companies are doing, you can’t use cash, it is either bank card or day saver tickets, ridiculous. Not everyone travels all over the city. Charge £1 to Firth Park and £1 back. Keep it easy.

Stop infuriating the public, you will lose in the long run.

What goes around comes around.

It is time we stopped being the losers.

R Adams (carer)