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SHEFFIELD’S dog shelters are filled to bursting point.

In many cases pets are being abandoned because their owners are struggling financially.

Others have been so horrifically treated that the authorities had to step in to give these gentle creatures a chance.

Despite increasing demands caused by both growing numbers and the overall condition of the pets in need of care, the shelters are doing sterling work.

But places like the RSPCA Centre in Sheffield and Thornberry Animal Sanctuary in Dinnington are desperately in need of help.

A cash donation would be nice but the animal charities realise that money is in short of supply.

Instead they are urging people to make a donation of items that the present owners no longer want.

Something they can sell on from their charity shops to raise funds to provide the care which is so desperately needed. Anything you can give, no matter how small, will be gratefully accepted.

Time to sort out flu jab backlog

TO hear that flu jab clinics which were previously suspended because of a vaccine shortage have now been reinstated can only be good news.

The injections provide vulnerable people – including pregnant women, the elderly and those with weak immune systems – with a vital defence against harmful bugs.

Having a new jab every year is also important as different strains of the flu virus emerge annually. But the delay of almost a month at the affected Sheffield health centres has led to an inevitable backlog of patients who still need to be vaccinated.

Residents have raised concerns about waiting times, with one pensioner from Shiregreen telling The Star today that her ill husband can only be seen in a week’s time at the earliest.

The backlog is of course understandable. But as winter sets in and the cold weather becomes harsher, it is crucial that Sheffield’s health service does everything it can to ensure patients receive their jabs without any further delay.

The digital dream

THESE are difficult times for business so it is good to report on a sector where there is optimism.

Today’s Business Monthly has a six-page feature on firms buying into the digital dream, where a good idea and a little know-how can bring rich rewards. There is plenty of both in South Yorkshire so no wonder this region is embracing this exciting new world.