Give Monkeys a star

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It’s a shame that the few people, who’ve been ‘inconvenienced’ by the Arctic Monkeys’ anti-touting measures, have seen fit to blame the system rather than their own inability to read the guidelines.

When these tickets went on sale, the rules were written quite clearly on the website.

Further, personal callers had the rules verbally explained to them. It must have been difficult to miss them!

This is a genuine effort, championed by the band themselves, to cut down on the number of tickets being sold illegally and at ridiculously inflated prices outside the venue.

Is it perfect? No, of course it isn’t, but it is nonetheless very effective, and once other ticketing agencies adopt these or similar tactics, touting will start to become a thing of the past.

Making life as difficult as possible for these criminals is something to be applauded, not whinged about in the local press.

And as for the ‘mum’ who prefers Michael Buble to The Monkeys – the last time he played The Arena, the touts were out in force, with shed loads of tickets exchanging hands at £200-plus.

Does she prefer this?

A star on the Sheffield Legends Walk of Fame for the Monkeys must surely be under serious consideration.

Steve Bush, author of Gee’or Ruwerin, S14