Give me the car any day if that’s experience on buses

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I and a friend caught a No 87 bus on Arundel Gate at around 2.20pm today (Tuesday 30/12/14).

The bus had High Green on the front as the destination and is one we catch every Tuesday.

After about three stops the driver asked if anyone wanted High Green as he was only going to Chapeltown and about eight or nine people said they did want to go to High Green.

He continued the journey without saying anything else until just before Norwood Road when he then began telling people who were boarding that he wasn’t going to High Green.

I and a couple of others said we were as that is what the bus destination said when we got on.

As we approached the Chapeltown roundabout he then pulled in and said that was as far as he was going.

He was rather rude and didn’t explain the situation very well and said ‘he’ had told him to do this, to which I replied who is ‘he’ God?

He replied the depot told him not to go to a High Green because of Low Edges. I asked what Low Edges had got to do with him not going to High Green and his answer again was because ‘he’ said so ( meaning the depot again).

We said we weren’t going to get off but he said he would just take us back to town if that was the case.

I was absolutely flabbergasted that he could throw us off the bus when we hadn’t completed our journey because Low Edges was more important.

High Green is once again the forgotten land. I think this is absolutely disgusting and the driver’s attitude didn’t help.

I tried to email Stagecoach direct but couldn’t get through.

This is no way to encourage people out of their cars onto public transport.

My husband came to pick us up in our car, which will be used far more frequently now if that is the experience we get with buses.

Give me a car any day.

Anita Shurey

by email