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MOTORISTS can be forgiven for looking with some suspicion at the news that Sheffield was given the third highest amount of cash of any English council for repairing city potholes.

For there is hardly a road in the city which does not shake, rattle and roll travellers who venture out and about in Sheffield.

Clearly the £1,427,553 given to Sheffield is but a drop in the ocean when it comes to putting our roads in some kind of acceptable order. And we can’t wait for the long-promised wholesale overhaul of the entire roads network throughout the city.

The latest hand-out went to repair roads which had been further eroded by the atrocious weather we endured last winter. And with a foretaste of what is to come hitting the region this week, it is clear that more damage is likely to be caused to the crumbling surfaces before we can look forward to a smoother ride.

The state of our roads has not come about by chance. It is the result of deliberate neglect where administrations have decided to spend money elsewhere and now we are paying the price.

The sooner our roads are put in order the better.

This could be a cut too deep

TROUBLE is brewing at Sheffield’s handful of recycling centres - formerly known as dumpit sites - as staff plan an indefinite strike after Christmas over cuts in opening hours and jobs.

The public will sympathise with the workers who do not generally have an enviable job and no doubt feel persecuted with plans to cut the number of days the sites are open.

We realise that cutbacks have to be made as the Government struggles to balance the nation’s books. But we question the wisdom of attacking a front line service such as recycling centres.

One consequence could well be an increase in fly tipping as people, frustrated at not being able to get rid of their rubbish at convenient times, despoil the countryside as a consequence.

This may well prove to be a cut too far.

Look out for more

KEITH Roe is Sheffield’s hidden treasure. A musical genius with a heart of gold.

For years now he has been staging a musical extravaganza for charity, prompted by the death of his father fro a heart attack, to raise money for charities.

And he has now reached his self-imposed target of £100,000! But Keith is not one to rest on his laurels. Look out for more fund-raising musical ventures!