Give ASBO to Veolia chiefs

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IN certain cases, Veolia is literally part of the ‘something for nothing society’, because bins are being left unemptied for some on the Langsett estate, where my friend lives.

At my friend’s block, the two bins live out of doors, one pace only from the public footpath.

Each resident has his/her key to the bins, to avoid the wrong materials going into the bins.

But, one bin does not lock and the other will only open with extreme reluctance.

Thus, the bin that does not lock has literally all sorts thrown in, except for the sweets.

But it could just as easily be passers-by that place the wrong items in the bin!

On collection day, the bins then fail routinely to be emptied, on the grounds that they are ‘contaminated’.

But there is no way of knowing who has contaminated them!

It follows then that Veolia is responsilble for a policy of de facto ‘social exclusion’ of this group of residents.

In my opinion, the company definitely deserves an ASBO for its ‘anti-social behaviour’!

If the last zero were removed from top management’s salary, dozens of extra bin jobs could be created and super- thickness gloves supplied etc to sort through the ‘contaminated’ bins!

Simon Rawlins, Wolfe Rd Foxhill