Girlfriend recalls Sheffield stabbing attack

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Courts: News, reaction and more.
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A WOMAN broke down as she recalled the moment her boyfriend was knocked to the ground and stabbed eight times by a ‘vicious’ gang in Sheffield city centre.

Rebecca Brock wept as she told a Sheffield Crown Court jury she was with her boyfriend Daniel Mace and his friend Paul Marison when they were attacked by a gang of black youths in Holly Lane.

Miss Brook said they were laughing and joking after a good night out when their path was blocked by eight men.

She said one approached Mr Marison and after a brief exchange, headbutted him to the ground.

Mr Maris fell to the floor and her boyfriend stepped in and punched his attacker.

Miss Brook said: “Daniel went to help Paul. At that point I started screaming. I was obviously terrified my boyfriend was going to get involved.”

She said Daniel was surrounded and knocked to the floor.

“He went into the foetal position, holding his head. It was just really vicious. Really, really vicious.”

“They were all really involved, every single one of them. Not one of them stopped for a second. “They were kicking and punching him. I was screaming hysterically. It was really scary.”

Both men were stabbed in the back.

She said Reece Barnes, who she later picked out at a police ID procedure, had a look of ‘pure evil’ on his face.

Yousef Alquebeiai, 17, of The Oval, Firth Park; William Maris, 18, of Downham Road, Firth Park; Sheldon Jordan, 17, of City Road; Reece Barnes, 18, of Delves Road, Hackenthorpe; and Jordan Campbell, 21, of Downham Road, Firth Park, all deny two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The trial continues.