Get your facts right before putting pen to paper

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With regard to Lindsay Henleys comment on December 12, may I say these are the remarks of a person who thinks no-one but cyclist have any right to consideration on the road.

Riding on the footpath when there are busy roads usually means riding on busy pavements.

Apart from riding “tax free” on the road, very often two or three abreast and taking more room on it than any motorcyclist ( who pay road tax), some pedal cyclists break the law by riding on the pavement.

Some jump traffic lights by walking through the crossing traffic rather than waiting, some undertake at road junctions to get to the front, causing motorists to have to work their way past them again, some travel the wrong way down one-way streets and fail to have lights on after dark.

I stress not all cyclists are like this, most accept they are one of many road users. I am now at an age where I cannot ride a bike or walk for mile after mile, but I want to get around, so I use my car. But I do not drive in a drunken state nor at twice the speed limit.

Maybe Lindsay just wants to get somewhere a bit quicker or cheaper. I consider myself neither fat nor idle and reasonably fit for my age,and I’m sure I can match most in my low NHS costs. I would suggest Lindsay gets the facts right before putting pen to paper. If cyclists can’t keep off the footpath, I suggest they get on a bus.

K Edwards