Get the price right to get the customers

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I see there are stories coming from Doncaster Airport about the lack of passengers.

Well if the airport bosses stepped back and looked for the reason, they would come to the same conclusion as the missing passengers. Anyone looking for an holiday can see that Doncaster is £60+ per person more expensive than other airports. Also, the advertised price of some holidays can double what it states on the label. What happened to the package holidays that included baggage and transfers? Now we pay insurance, meals, admin, the list goes on and on? We were charged by one airline £5.20 for two small bottles of water. There is only one major holiday/airline company flying from Doncaster to popular resorts and wherever there is no competition customers will get ripped off. But if the price is right the customers will come.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, DN7 5LB.