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Is Ron Clayton having a laugh when he says Sheffield Council should not be in a rush to excavate “Sheffield castle”?

Well Mr Clayton, when did Sheffield Council ever rush to do anything?

What they ought to do is concrete the whole lot over and erect one of the so-called retail pods, earmarked for the Moor.

We don’t need stupid castles or stupid pods we need shops. The Moor is an utter disgrace and a complete embarrassment.

The council are incapable of recruting a main contractor from anywhere, even though there are several large contrators on the doorstep. No doubt they are all too expensive, or more likely refuse to conform to what will probably be years of financial penalties should the council be unable to make more profit than the average retailer.

Get the concrete wagons rolling and turn the whole lot into a car park.

Castle indeed.

JW Vintin

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