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THE letter by EW, S8 (Sept 30), ‘Depression sets in as I view my empty hallway’ compels me to add weight to this issue.

My pensioner father is also faced with this same problem at his privately owned flat on the council’s Westminster estate at Lodge Moor.

He too has been informed that all plants in communal areas will be ‘removed’ at the end of this month, due to them being deemed a fire risk.

He has to get rid of the few plants creating a pleasant atmosphere in a concrete stairwell outside his door.

While walking with my 10-year-old daughter on Wincobank Common, I feel the council needs to get its priorities in order.We were both disgusted at the amount of rubbish in this beautiful green space and returned home to get some bags to collect some rubbish.

The problem was the amount of broken glass on the field, including bottles left behind from those drinking after dark.

They had been systematically smashed on every hard surface for what appears to be amusement.

An additional issue for which the council is directly responsible are the dangerous shards of tin cans left behind after the council’s workmen have been out to cut the grass.

This is because no litter pick is performed before cutting. Therefore, all of the cans left in the grass are shredded and scattered all across the grass.

My two dogs have experienced cut paws on three separate occasions caused either by glass or shredded cans, an experience any owner will know is very distressing for the dog.

I urge the city council not only to reconsider the impact of bullying owners and tenants of well kept flats by imposing nonsense rules but also to start prioritising resources aimed at improving the safety in areas that really matter, ie the open spaces where people and animals are at risk.

PN, Newman Road, Wincobank

Bobby on a bike...

congratulations to South Yorkshire Police Authority on their excellent decision to operate a helicopter independent of the new national system.

If they had gone along with the proposed change and accepted a potential emergency response time of 20 minutes, sending a Community Support Officer along on a bike would probably have been of as much use.

Jon Ball, Stubley Lane, Dronfield

Irony of club reunion

In response to the letter from J Duckenfield: how ironic that the Mojo reunion is to be held on the same site that housed the Esquire Club! Sadly, both Killer and Bear are no longer with us.

Frank Senior

No place for learners

I WAS talking to someone who recently passed their driving test. As part of it, they were taken round the Parson Cross estate and the instructor said: ‘When the stones start hitting the car don’t stop.’

You would think they would have taken them round a quieter estate, unless they thought that may join the armed forces and be sent to Afghanistan!

Name and address supplied

We would lose war

What’s wrong with men these days?

Another jewellery shop robbed, one person tried to stop them, while other people watched.

Last year an old lady tried to hit some robbers while people watched. Then we had those riots a few months ago.

Where were the men? I’m glad we are not at war like 1940. We would have lost.

Jack Tompkins, Scampton Lodge, S5

To roof of Africa

Four years ago a former Sheffield man was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After treatment the cancer was in remission. Two years ago it was melanoma cancer. After two operations it also was in remission.

Since then three operations have been performed on suspect areas all of which have thankfully proved benign.One year ago the right knee had to be replaced due to osteo arthritis, the left knee is going the same way.

Said man, myself, has decided to try and thank the medical profession in some way.

I have decided to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity by attempting, on Oct 22, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to the roof of Africa at 19,300ft. As the summit temperature could drop to -20C I have obtained sponsorship of Buffalo Systems Ltd, a firm which manufactures extreme weather clothing in Sheffield.Visit:

T Gregory, Northumberland

Cycling on the pavements

There is a clash of interest on the streets between pseudo-cyclists who ride on pavements and pedestrians.

Riding bicycles on pavements is highly irresponsible, anti-social, potentially dangerous to people on foot, and illegal. Yet when challenged they not infrequently adopt an aggressive stance and assume a legitimacy they do not have.

Resolving this problem is a matter of law enforcement. We know that a law not enforced leads to the breaking of it.

We also know that in these times of austerity the police in Sheffield and surrounding towns are seriously under-resourced, consequently cannot possibly apprehend and bring charges against all offending cyclists.

Nevertheless a steady procession of offenders through the courts would send out a message and, after all, adults who ride bicycles on pavements are not authentic cyclists, they are anti-social lawbreakers.

D H Jarrow, S4

Digital signals

what’s going on with the digital signal? We’ve lost or can’t get certain stations. Are the TV companies still messing with these signals? The only way to get round this is to go to Sky so you do not get interference or loss of pictures. Is it going to get better?

Name and address supplied