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I’m a cyclist and everyday I make the journey across the city from Hunters Bar to the Northern General Hosptial by peddle power.

Now, as much as I enjoy my morning commute, Sheffield could be a more cycle-friendly city.

Having recently been to Hannover in Germany (a university city of similar size and industry to Sheffield) I was amazed and incredibly jealous of their user friendly network.

Perhaps our city councillors and planners should take notice and learn a thing or two.

Now I recognise there has been progress for cyclists in Sheffield over recent years with more and more cycle lanes available in the city and the council is demonstrating the safest routes to encourage riders.

However, as a city we’re still lacking facilities, lanes and generally not making it easy for beginners.

Look at the recent developments on the Moor and Devonshire Green for example. Wouldn’t it have been a great idea to make available some covered cycle shelters rather than having to lock your bike to any object available? I wonder if the new Sevenstone developers have considered such options.

Hey, such facilities could even be contracted out and produced in Sheffield, thus putting money back into the local economy.

However, now with the city potentially gaining funding for the resurfacing of our pot-holed roads Sheffield has an opportunity to change all this.

So I’m asking our local councillors and MPs to push for more cycle lanes and facilities in and around the city. I understand the easiest option would be to slap some tarmac over the roads and get the job over and done with asap.

But in years to come when we’ve got higher levels of congestion and obesity will the easiest option really have paid off?

Lastly I’ll leave you with this thought.

Currently our city, Sheffield, is recognised as the Pot Hole Capital of the UK. Wouldn’t it be much better if we were renowned as the Cycle City of the UK?

Luke Symonds