Get back under your rock with dinosaurs

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I am not a coy and retiring type of person, I am also not a fool.

LS Sheffield is a name that I have used for a long time and have in fact only recently taken to using my full name in correspondence with the newspapers.

Paul, it is a sad and sorry truth that in this day and age we have all manner of left-leaning types who feel obliged to forcefully reeducate anyone they disagree with using all manner of methods, violence included, hence I occasionally use abbreviation of my name so that my family is protected from the actions of these political psychopaths.

Anyway moving on, I find you a strange type Paul or is that “Sir Paul” now?

UKIP polled 4.5 million votes in the last General Election.

Under a different system this many votes would have given them more than 80 seats and they ran Labour very close in well over 100 northern seats that have been Labour for generations.

So all in all, chap, I wouldn’t get too high and mighty about the result, considering Labour lost something that really should have been in the bag and they lost in catastrophic styl. Oh, how I laughed.

Anyway, get back under your rock and go to sleep with the rest of the dinosaurs

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LS Sheffield

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