Generosity is inspirational

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THIS definitely is a landmark year for cancer patients receiving treatment in Sheffield.

For not only has St Luke’s Hospice announced plans for a multi-million pound refurbishment, but Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity has announced details for a £1.3 million centre to give cancer patients the very latest treatments.

Between them they will ensure that people suffering from this terrible affliction can be assured on first class support and care during their illness.

The new unit at Weston Park, a cancer specialist hospital, will transform the way patients receive chemotherapy and other treatments. Importantly, it will also allow the centre to remain at the forefront of medical research.

To allow the work to get underway, the hospital’s charity has launched its biggest appeal in more than a decade.

We wish them with the endeavour but know that the people of Sheffield will rise to the challenge. For we have been overwhelmed by our own appeal – for £100,000 towards the St Luke’s Appeal – which has opened a floodgate of kindness among readers.

These are tough economic times but we must say that the generosity of readers has delighted and inspired us.

Thank you.

Giving Sheffield reasons to shine

THE MADE: Entrepreneurial Festival in Sheffield is one of the business community’s great opportunities to show the rest of the country what it means to come from a background which is renown for its initiative and forward thinking.

And now it seems that the city is about to take a step even further into this exciting world with calls for a series of fringe events to coincide with this year’s festival.

The idea is for a number of smaller events to be taking place while the main festival is underway giving those attending an even wider range of opportunities for networking and to gain knowledge.

Sheffield is an ideal location for such an event, being large enough to have the right facilities but still being small enough for delegates to walk round.

What is particularly encouraging is that the idea for such an extensions to the festival comes not from the central organisers but from networking groups, business advisers, investment groups and others who see an opportunity for genuine growth.

This is an exciting prospect and we hope that organisers can make it happen and give Sheffield even more reason to shine in the business world.