Gas lamps

Scarborough gaslamp
Scarborough gaslamp
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I read with interest The Star Letter, (June 20, 2015), from J Robin Hughes concerning an old type of sewer gas lamp which he would like to be preserved.

On Sunday (June 21, 2015) I was taking advantage of a cheap day out in Scarborough courtesy of the Northern Rail concessionary ticket offer in conjunction with The Star and Sheffield Telegraph, and came across seven seemingly antiquated gas lamps located alongside the path running across the gardens above the South Bay area; which have probably been converted to possibly electric illumination.

I must confess that I’d never taken notice of them before, but upon seeing them this time, I was reminded of Mr Hughes’s letter of the day before and consequently thought that I’d take a photograph and submit it for in case its of interest (see below). But if they are of ancient origin, it does tend to show how other towns and cities believe their antiquities to worth preserving - unlike Sheffield.

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield S36