Garden thanks

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A BIG thank you to all who attended my first National Gardens Scheme Open Day on May 2. The event was far better attended than I could have imagined and raised cash for the NGS’s nominated charities and also for North Sheffield Cats Protection from the sale of teas. An especially big thanks to the person(s) who returned one of the laminated guides the day after, having taken it away in error: very much appreciated!

D Darwent, Ansell Road, S11

Bin Laden’s end

So the Americans have finally caught up with Osama Bin Laden. Had it been the Britsh Government which had cornered him, they’d have brought him back here, placed him in a million-pound house, with his own mosque, and put him on benefits.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

Let us rest easy

IS IT possible that Supertram, whose motto is ‘We’ll look after you’, could put some form of seating at their tram stops so that passengers can rest their weary legs while awaiting their conveyance?

EB Warris, S14

Tuneful bird

We have a blackbird in our garden who sings a pitch-perfect tune to ‘we’re on the ball, we’re on the ball’. It’s amazing to hear and he does it from early morning to late evening. Has anyone else heard this and is it a common song for the blackbird?

Fay, Ecclesfield