Future masterplan

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Barbers Field is a green area, not a park, between The Dale, Woodseats and Fraser Estate, which has a lot of potential for community use as opposed to being built on by the council

We were formed to look at ways to enhance the area for better community use and combat anti-social behaviour. A masterplan was put together from public consultation and partnered by us and Fraser TARA. Since then we’ve instigated and supported events with Green Rangers, Community Forrester, Activity Sheffield, among others.

We are looking for funding for the masterplan’s top priorities, such as lighting and paths, which will be an ongoing activity.

Recently it appears a few local people object to future plans and resorted to vandalism particularly toward the small trees where planting was undertaken by some children. Luckily our Community Forrester rescued them and they are to be replanted so the children will still be able to see them develop.

At our last event, during half term, some of those children were upset to see their handiwork had been uprooted and the holes filled in. Obviously the work of adults. Since then a new dog bin, seated in concrete, has also been made unstable and has had to be removed.

A few dog walkers also abuse this land by not picking up after their animals. This is unfair to those who do. We ask them to allow people to enjoy this space

The masterplan will be undertaken over time, as funding allows. This will enhance the area for future pleasure and use. This is Education land managed by Parks and Countryside and will be monitored by them each step of the way.

We carry out a weekly litter pick and the field has improved tremendously because of it.

Parks and Countryside teams have worked hard in clearing land ready for wild flower areas and we are grateful to them.

We need positive people on board who are interested in helping to make this a pleasant and interesting place. and those people who are ready to work as a team will be welcome at our bi-monthly meetings at Woodseats Methodist Church.

Friends of Barbers Field Committee