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Judging by a couple of responses in the Star (April 30) some sufferers of Europhobia Simplex are quite proud of their symptoms and wish to share them with others. Now I am not a doctor so I wouldn’t know whether they should be put into isolation or not but I do find it sad that they seem happy to repeat the symptoms I outlined before.

Perhaps my irony doesn’t work for them too well so this time I will spell it out in plain basic English –yes I am still allowed to say that! Most of the vocal UKIP supporters I have come across, certainly those that regularly write to the Star, seem to be very selective about the information they use and respond to. The same mantra keeps being repeated and that is that the European Union (EU) is the cause of all the problems in the UK which is the only topic they want to talk about. Thankfully, most people voting in the forthcoming General Election will be concerned with a considerable number of other issues such as the economy, low pay, the NHS, social care and housing – I know I am. None of those things I have just mentioned are governed by the EU they are determined by the British Government. Personally, I am particularly concerned about the growing housing crisis in this country with the lack of affordable social housing for rent being provided, the unaffordability of housing to buy and the poor quality of the condition of some housing for some people which is especially bad in an increasing number of private rented properties. Although I do have very strong feelings about housing it is not the only thing I obsess about and want to change and try to improve as I am not a single issue person-unlike some people.

It would seem that my previous letter brings the UKIP commentators to certain assumptions about me. Well, they get that wrong as well because they assume I do not have any criticisms of the EU whereas I do because I think the bureaucracy of the organisation requires some radical change. I shall treat Matthew Hobson’s comment about ‘somebody coming into my house and telling me how decorate it, what to eat and when to sleep’ with the derision it deserves as it is so pathetic. Matthew says he is 28 years old and has lived in this country all his life. Well, it might surprise him that I have also lived in this country all my life and although I don’t have his youth (being 38 years older) I do have a considerable amount of experience and I am still proud to say that I am British. One last thing Matthew, you say ‘if I am so in love with Europe why don’t I move there’. Surprisingly as it may seem to you, I don’t have to leave as the UK is in Europe, has been all the time I have been on this earth and will continue to be - even if we were to leave the EU. That is just a basic geography fact and not politics.

JohnB, S6.

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