Further £100m of council spending cuts ‘unfair’ - MP

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Further cuts of more than £100 million to Sheffield Council’s budget over the next four years have been attacked by a Labour MP.

Paul Blomfield, who represents Sheffield Central, collected 10,000 signatures on a petition complaining about how northern councils had larger cuts than southern authorities.

Mr Blomfield’s Fair Deal for Sheffield petition, backed by the bishops of Sheffield and Hallam, was handed in at Downing Street.

Mr Blomfield said: “Coming on top of the cuts we’ve already faced, these further massive cuts will have a huge impact on local services in Sheffield. But the Government are still unfairly protecting wealthier parts of the country. “That’s why more than 10,000 people signed the petition earlier in the year calling for a fair deal.

“I would urge Nick Clegg to join me in calling for a halt to these unfair cuts.”

The cuts to Sheffield Council’s budget will continue for a further three years than originally planned.

Council leader Julie Dore has also queried why local government has suffered cuts totalling 22 per cent since the austerity drive started - when it only represents seven per cent of overall spending.

But the Government has said that cuts have been less painful for southern councils because many are far smaller than big northern cities so had less money to start with.

Ministers also say that local government faces larger cuts than other areas due to commitments such as protecting NHS and education spending.