Furry friends need a home

Greek rescue dog Carla

Greek rescue dog Carla

Four adorable dogs are seeking new homes after being rescued from Greece by a Sheffield animal-lover.

Mya, Judy, Cleo and Carla were rescued from an animal shelter in Greece when they were just skin and bones due to a lack of funds to buy food.

The quartet were rescued by veterinary nurse Sarah Linley, who works at Springfield Vets, Firth Park.

The Greek animal shelter, called Halkida, is run by British charity workers to help abandoned and stray pets in the country.

Sarah, who has volunteered there six times in three years, said: “The dogs were emaciated due to lack of funds to buy food. They never left their small, barren concrete pen.

“They will need an experienced owner without cats or young children, where someone has time to spend with them.”

The dogs, who are living in kennels in Sheffield, are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and come with a pet passport.

Sarah, aged 28 and from Sothall, said: “Judy is a sweetheart. She is more confident than her sister Mya and loves people and cuddles. Mya is friendly, but had a hard time at the shelter which has knocked her confidence, so needs someone to help build it back up.

“Cleo and Carla are sisters. Cleo is a sweet girl who had a terrible start in life, suffering numerous ailments as a puppy. Carla is more timid and takes time to trust you, but will become a loving companion.”

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