Frustrated by not getting Agency jobs

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I am writing to you in disgust after I learned about the experience of my grandson who got a job with a firm through an agency.

He started on Wednesday morning, February 5, and had to ring the agency when he had finished his shift for further work, which he did.

He was told to turn up at 6am, Thursday, which he did. He was then told he was not needed. What is this country coming to? He was turned down yet others were not. This turns people against one another. Jobs for some and not for others.

He has been looking for work, trying all ways. A job turns up, just for a day ,but he is then told he’s not wanted. It’s not justified. Yet if he does not look for work, his Job Seekers is stopped.

So now can you see why people are up in arms about who gets work and who doesn’t?

Mrs B Ashworth

Sheffield, S5