Frozen out by cost of fridge repairs

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“I do not have the emotional strength for a battle with this company. So any help you can provide would be greatly received.” So wrote Graham Ibberson shortly after the death of his wife, aged 44.

Back before the tragedy he called out 123fridgespecialist to fix his fridge and the company took £335 out of his account for parts and labour.

But no one ever returned to complete the job.

Graham, of Horbiry End, Todwick, near Sheffield, said: “I have tried to contact unsuccessfully over the past weeks to find out when they are going to turn up to fix my fridge, which is what I have paid them for.”


David, of Servicenet, the owner of 123fridgespecialist, said they would fit a new control unit at an extra cost of £331. He said: “There’s no explanation for it, his job was unfortunately just missed for several weeks.

“Shameful I know but there’s no sense in lying, we just want to get this sorted. What we discussed by way of an apology, was instead of fitting the original part which was a PCB module we will fit an entirely new PCB control unit at no extra cost. The cost of this part to us is £331.

“We sometimes see other modules fail and considering what’s happened we wanted to give Mr Ibberson the best chance possible, at no additional cost, that his refrigerator would stand the test of time, not just for the duration of his guarantee – which we have also extended to 18 month at no charge.

“I have nothing but sympathy for Mr Ibberson and feel terrible that we let this drag on for so long.”