Friend needs a ground floor flat

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A FRIEND living near me on Batemoor has found herself in sad circumstances following the premature and unexpected death of her mother nearly two years ago and she will soon become homeless and will not be found suitable accommodation by the local authority.

One evening in November, 2009 she and her mother were having a chat when her mother, who was sitting on the settee in the living room, suddenly went quiet.

My friend was in the kitchen and, curious when her mother didn’t answer her, went into the living room to find that her mother had just died.

As there were no other relatives to whom she could turn, it was a terrible blow; they were buying the house between them and because she was working she was able to carry on paying the mortgage after her mother’s death.

Unfortunately, however, another disaster struck nearly 12 months later when she lost her job and was unable to continue paying the mortgage.

Apparently, payments were made (presumably by the DWP) to help with this but no one can find where they were going to and for some weird reason that can’t be explained. No-one has the authority to look into this further.

Despite the tragic circumstances which led to her predicament and the prospective loss of her home, there is the possibility she might only be offered a bedsit, miles from where she now lives and therefore knowing no-one, an unviable proposition bearing in mind she has two dogs and a cat.

If possible, a ground floor flat in her present locality would be better, or even another area; anything but a bedsit.

She is seriously contemplating suicide. I know from personal experience how cold-hearted and uncaring housing staff can be in such difficult situations (they should remember the saying: there but for the grace of God).

I just hope someone will show some humanity, realise who I am referring to and give her the help she so desperately needs.

Bridget Dorman