“Freedom Riders” right to fight for quality of their lives

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David Young “Interim Deputy General Director” of South Yorkshire Public Transport Executive states that £629,000 will be saved including the restrictions on travel for people with a concessionary pass.

Is Mr Young and SYPTE worth £629,000? Long before the cuts they were axing bus services, failing to deliver on working agreements with the main companies running buses in the county, providing (or not) timetables at stops which didn’t actually give the times of all buses from each stop (only the first and last) and “please phone traveline”, some pretty inadequate staff at information points, and failure to secure deals with Government for expansion of the tram network. This against a background of an area dominated by hills where people really do need excellent bus, tram and rail services.

Can the people who run Sheffield inform us all why people who hold concessionary travel passes, many or most of them having contributed some or all of their working lives within Sheffield and South Yorkshire are now denied the use of train services (such as they are ) within the county?

I think we know the answer to that. It’s because if an area has strategic corporate value, the Government will underwrite spending on transport infrastructure such as traffic flowing roads, buses, trams and trains.

It has nothing to do with improving quality of life. What is wrong with public spending on the basics? Sheffield has become an abysmal place , sheer misery. The fact that it’s run by middle class liberals explains alot. Whatever their protests they are carrying out the kind of policies which the Goverment want. Don’t vote if you don’t want to be seen to be colluding with what they are doing to you. (and themselves if they had the nous to see it)

Phil Hutchinson

Abbey Lane, S8 0BQ