Frecheville memorial

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Bill Carline is to be congratulated on his efforts for the new memorial for the Frecheville men.

I am glad J Ashworth’s name is spelt correctly. It was spelt Ashford on the Roll of Honour and when his widow protested she was told it was too late to change.

He was in the Royal Navy and died in the North Atlantic on the night of October 9/10, 1941, and is remembered on his wife’s grave and that of his parents at All Saints’ Ecclesall.

The original memorial was the 19 trees planted on Sunday, April 27, 1947 and dedication was concluded by Rev P Tuckwell and Pastor Martin. The first tree was planted by Mrs JW Ashworth widow of JW Ashforth.

In the photograph given to my by Miss Ashforth, of the dedication which I sent to the Imperial War Museum, the gentleman behind her is the father of DH Beresford. He planted the second tree.

Once again my congratulations to Mr Carline.

Anne Diver

Greystones Drive, S11