Frail great-gran fell on unfinished Sheffield pavement

Rosemary Dale, aged 88, fell on an uneven pavement near her home.

Rosemary Dale, aged 88, fell on an uneven pavement near her home.

  • by Ellen Beardmore

A frail great-grandmother was taken to hospital after falling on an uneven pavement which had been left unfinished.

Partially-sighted Rosemary Dale, aged 88, has severe bruising after tripping on Overend Close, Gleadless Valley, while taking the few steps from her wheelchair into a car.

Her daughter Sally Kilic said she fell because pavement resurfacing works had been left incomplete ‘months’ ago.

Sally, chairman of the Gleadless Valley Tenants and Residents Association, said: “Mum is 88 and a fall at her age is not good in any instance, let alone because of shoddy works.

“She only walked five or six steps to the car, and I was putting the chair in when she tripped.

“She has a replacement elbow which she is frightened to death of breaking so she fell straight on her face.

“The fall took every ounce of wind out of her – I thought she had been knocked unconscious.

“The pavement has been like this for months. It is like stones just stuck together.”

Sally said she had contacted contractor Amey, which is carrying out the Streets Ahead highways improvement project for Sheffield Council, both personally and in the past through her role with the TARA about the pavements.

But the contractor said it had no call record of her reporting the problems.

Graeme Symonds, Streets Ahead network director for Amey, said: “We were very sorry to hear about Mrs Kilic’s mother’s fall on Overend Close, Gleadless Valley.

“Pavement resurfacing did start in this area but unfortunately it was delayed while we looked at street lighting requirements.

“If work is delayed then we always aim to leave pavements in a good condition and we are looking into the circumstances of the condition in which these pavements were left.”

Work has now resumed on the pavements after The Star raised the problem, and will continue in the coming weeks.

Mr Symonds added: “In Gleadless Valley alone, Streets Ahead is resurfacing 22km of pavements and 16km of roads and installing 1,135 street lamps.

“This is a huge job and, while we do all we can to ensure roadworks are safe, we always ask people to take extra care around works.”




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