Fox hunting

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The Star front page was all about anti fox hunting, July 15, 2015. I don’t condone the senseless killing of any animal but let us not forget that nature provided the fox with the ability to cause havoc at poultry sites in particular, (yes, and frequently the kill not just to eat but to kill for killings sake), while the odd moggy also cops it.

Why not turn your attention and why not (a la fox), front page to the brutal ritual slaughter of many thousands pf animals, peaceful animals that merely munch grass, yes, I refer to the bleeding to death of cattle to satisfy the blood lust of those demanding halal meat.

This is England not some God forsaken enclave, still living in the middle ages. We should ban such ritual killing.

I accept, of course, that you wouldn’t dare to make mention of it in the Star, and we all know why!


And we all know why