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On Remembrance Day, I call all Second World War veterans who were in the Army, Navy, Air force, also the Nurses that served, are any of these people among your readership.

I am a relatively young man who has a lot of respect for Britain’s war veterans, because if it had not been for this generation, probably none of us would be here today.

So, I have devised a way to unite them online and get younger people on board to learn of the efforts and sacrifices made from 1939 to 1945.

I have a website dedicated primarily to Britain’s war generations, it is free to join and use, and it boils down to this.

I want my website to be a place where this generation can meet online, and chat to their friends, and that young people can join as well.

To this effect, I would like the war veterans, and younger pensioners who care about our war veterans amongst your readership to write to me.

I would like to read about wartime experiences, and their opinions of their country today that they fought for, and how did they get on in civvy street when they were demobbed?

I would also like their permission to place their letters on my website for young people to read, and hopefully young people might learn something about the efforts and sacrifices made by this generation during World War II.

If war veterans wish, they can add, age, rank in the forces, and regiment.

My father died serving his country in Korea in the Royal Engineers.

He was in India in 1947, so to read about other people’s experiences will hopefully give me a good idea of my father’s own experiences, because I never knew him.

Please write to me at the following postal address.

Michael Thompson, Flat 2, 81 South Furzeham Road, Brixham, South Devon, TQ58JF.

Link-age-uk-wide is a new website dedicated to Britain’s War veterans, for their efforts and sacrifices made in the past, and is free to join and use.

I would ask that both young and old join and take part in commenting, and have your say on how you believe our War veterans are treated in today’s Britain.

Michael Thompson

Founder Link-Age-UK- wide