Formal warning for noisy Sheffield neighbour

Terry Stringfellow, brother of Peter Stringfellow, pictured outside his flat in Longley, Sheffield
Terry Stringfellow, brother of Peter Stringfellow, pictured outside his flat in Longley, Sheffield
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NIGHTCLUB owner Peter Stringfellow’s brother has been served with a formal warning by housing officials over continued late-night noise problems at his Sheffield council flat.

Terry Stringfellow, of Longley Hall Way, Longley, was taking part in mediation with neighbours to resolve the issues.

The 58-year-old has admitted allowing noisy pals into his ground floor home but told The Star last month he was doing his best to keep quiet since.

But landlord Sheffield Homes said mediation has now been cancelled after a further incident of anti-social behaviour at Mr Stringfellow’s flat which led to police being called.

A Sheffield Homes spokeswoman said: “Both Mr Stringfellow and his neighbours engaged with mediation individually and a meeting for them to get together to discuss issues was in the process of being arranged which both were in agreement about.

“However, following the incident on January 18, when the police attended at Terry Stringfellow’s property and removed his guest, this meeting will no longer be taking place and the mediators have informed us that they will be closing their case.

“We have discussed the incident with the police officer who attended who has confirmed that loud voices could be heard coming from Mr Stringfellow’s home.

“We have decided that on this occasion, Mr Stringfellow will be served with a written caution.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and if further evidence is gained will consider the next appropriate course of action.”

Sheffield Homes said it could take action up to and including eviction if anti-social behaviour problems continue.

Peter told The Star in December after the previous complaints against Terry: “It is very sad to hear yet again that Terry is messing up his life.

“I have tried on numerous occasions to help Terry financially and emotionally but to no avail.

“I have a younger brother who I just don’t know how to assist.”